My name is Hanneke Mouw, I own a coachingspractice in Roermond and i teach all kinds of body- and mind movements. After having an anafelectic shock and a whiplash i decided to change my life. I studied innovational coaching for two years. And also within two years i finished my post-study psychosocial- en medical therapy for complementary medicine, it is a plato-standards eduation. The comments of het board of examination where:

“You have made a very clear, considered discussion, which shows your own therapeutic possibilities. At the same time, it is very clear why you refer, at what time and how you handle it. In short: very well done!”

Comments on the case.

“Top elaboration, good foundation!

Additional mention regarding your report / final assignment: Visually strong report, very pleasant and fine reflection!

Great piece of work with beautiful illustrations and mindmaps, good content and clear personal reflections.”


What I experienced in the barefootpark and even just as important in the aftersession was the bounding between people and their own and simular Body&Mind experiences during this time. To be aware of what is happening with you and the envirment, that’s all what makes our experiences richer and loving.